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Promoting local development

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Roads, cycle tracks, runways, paving, etc.: our Vicat concretes help you make the world of tomorrow.
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Q-Flash concrete: material for 'stealth' projects

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In April 2018 the Vouziers-Séchault air force base in north-eastern France was the scene of a training exercise for rapid runway repair using Vicat's special Q-Flash concrete.


Economical sustainable pavement

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National Ready Mixed Concrete Company (NRM) helped repair Interstate 210 in Sunland (north of Los Angeles).


Vicat hydraulic binders to the rescue of the RD74 highway

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Repair of the RD74 highway north-east of Langres in eastern France involved Vicat hydraulic road binders. A close look at the project.
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For the construction of our roller-compacted-concrete (RCC) roads, for over 25 years now we have found in Vicat the know-how and product quality that enables us to build roads in the best possible way.
Vincent, manager

Our solutions

As partners in the sustainable development of your communities, we offer a wide choice of Vicat high-performance concretes for major roads and soft-transport itineraries alike.

Special cement, continuously-reinforced concrete, thick slabs, surface treatment, hydraulic binders: through the development of new techniques, concrete roads are becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives. And apart from the construction of your roads, our Vicat solutions are gaining ground in your urban development. They are increasingly sustainable and pleasing on the eye, and they reduce maintenance requirements significantly.

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