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precast products production
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In addition to producing materials, we provide a wide range of reinforced or prestressed precast concrete products to meet your every need.
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thousand tons of concrete products

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Our precast concrete products are made for the construction industry

As experts in the manufacture of ready-mixed concrete, we also produce finished products, i.e. reinforced or prestressed precast concrete products. We make these items pipes, inspection chambers, walls, garages, stairs, permanent floor forms, one of our workshops or on-site, close to the works. Our precast concrete components are intended for use in construction, civil engineering, roadbuilding, and landscaping and urban development.

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prepast concret products
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Creabeton Matériaux
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Customized products

Precasting means we can provide you with customized products that meet your exact requirements:

  • pipes and special chambers,
  • cable channels and chambers,
  • drainage channels,
  • retaining walls,
  • garages,
  • stairs,
  • permanent floor and wall forms,
  • decorative and landscaping items.

Specialist subsidiaries

Two Swiss subsidiaries are precasting specialists:

  • Creabeton Matériaux specializes in precast products and systems for landscapers, civil engineering, and infrastructures,
  • Vigier Rail produces rail ties.


Our facilities

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Our subsidiary

Our subsidiary Creabeton Matériaux

Creabeton Matériaux is a pioneer the field, having been manufacturing and distributing precast concrete products for 100 years. The company produces a range of 4,700 different precast concrete products meeting every requirement on its 4 sites. These products made with Vicat cement are for different markets:

  • construction: stairs, solid steps, L steps, walls,
  • civil works and roadbuilding: Deltabloc vehicle restraint system or drainage channels,
  • decorative, landscaping, and street-furniture units: garden products such as interlocking pavers and standard pavers, pool coping, ponds and planters, retaining units.

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Our subsidiary Vigier Rail 

Vigier Rail—based in Müntschemier—has been part of the Vicat group since 2011. The company has 60 years of experience in the construction of concrete parts for the rail industry:

  • rail track and turnout ties (between 200,000 and 300,000 ties per year): standard gauge, metric gauge, ballastless track, or ballasted superstructures,
  • railroad platform systems,
  • Dresden Combibord platform curbs (for trams and buses),
  • cable channels.>

Vigier Rail's expert know-how includes:

  • construction of bespoke ties meeting special requirements,
  • guaranteed quality, functionality, and lifetime,
  • optimum availability of standard products (stored in a large depot).

Did you know? Vigier has acquired a technical service provider that has licenses for the 'Low Vibration Track' ballastless track system. 

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3D printing: printed concrete on jobsites

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We are advancing the future of construction. In Switzerland, by using innovative 3D printing technology, it took Creabeton Matériaux, a precasting subsidiary of the Vicat group, just 45 minutes to meet its customer’s order.

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