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Constructive systems vicat
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The 'Co-Efficience Système Vicat' constructive solutions we have developed by combining our expertise or working in collaboration with industrial partners will meet your every need.
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Constructive systems

Co-Efficience Système Vicat

To provide turnkey answers meeting your needs, we offer a range of constructive solutions—'Co-Efficience Système Vicat'—that combine not only our structural and finishing products (cement, concrete, aggregate, and construction chemicals businesses) but also our range of services, particularly transport and pumping. We also market solutions developed through collaboration with our industrial partners (open innovations). Our objective is to provide you with the broadest and most innovative range of expertise on the market. 

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Constructive systems production
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Constructive systems production
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Our KEPS insulating masonry offering

KEPS is a two-in-one insulating formwork system. It makes for fast construction of reinforced-concrete structures and provides excellent thermal insulation. This patented construction system designed by our subsidiary KEPS is intended to reduce erection times. The permanent-form constructive system incorporates high-density (30 kg/m3) expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels and polypropylene spacers for easy assembly of the panels. After placement of continuous rebars, vertically and horizontally, to reinforce the structure, concrete is poured between internal and external insulating panels.

The entire construction process is particularly easy, requires no hoisting equipment, and means formwork and insulation are placed in a single operation.

Our biosourced Biosys constructive system: an innovative solution for eco-responsible homes

Our biosourced Biosys constructive system designed under a partnership with Vieille Matériaux is the first hempcrete block to have been subject to ATEx 'experimental technique' assessment, a guarantee of quality and safety. The system is particularly easy to implement:

  • interlocking hempcrete blocks are dry-stacked (no adhesive)
  • the hempcrete blocks serve as infill panels and formwork for a reinforced-concrete post-and-beam structure

Biosys hempcrete blocks are a biosourced combination of two natural materials: hurds (hemp stalk) and Vicat's Prompt natural quick-setting cement.





Biosys and KEPS construction systems both used for Morgon monastery

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A two-month project for enlarging Morgon monastery in the Beaujolais region near Lyons got under way on March 5, 2019.

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