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cement manufacturer ethics


Nicolas Robin

The behavior of a company is just as important as its economic performance or the quality of its products.

At Vicat, since the creation of the company in 1853, we have always made ethical conduct an indispensable factor contributing to improvement of global performance, in keeping with our values. The fundamental principles of compliance with laws and regulations, integrity, equity and honesty, respect of others, and transparence are essential in all the Group's activities.

Vicat strives to be an exemplary and responsible company, both in in-house relations with employees and in dealings with customers, suppliers, and external stakeholders. We of course intend to continue conducting business in this virtuous manner which contributes to our success.

In 2017 the Group appointed its first Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), now attached to the Security Department, whose task it is to ensure obligations under France's Sapin II law and requirements of the French anti-corruption agency (AFA) are met. In addition to an advisory and support role, the department coordinates everything relative to ethics and conformity in the places where Vicat works.

Code of ethics

The Vicat group's code of ethics is a reference document presenting rules of good conduct applicable to all employees. It includes many examples illustrating situations employees might face in their work.

Code of anti-corruption practice

The code of anti-corruption practice is a reference document presenting the rules for individual and collective conduct that must guide our choices and actions and preserve our values from day to day. It applies to all the employees of the Group, wherever it works. 


Code of anti-corruption practice
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