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The manufacture of kraft bags and paper is an innovative technical activity in which we produce some very special ranges for a variety of markets.
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20 889

tones printng paper sold


63,3 million

bags sold

Paper and packaging

The expertise of Papeteries de Vizille

Since Papeteries de Vizille became part of the Vicat group in 1984, we have been producing a diverse range of papers in several forms and grammages. Whether for printing paper, security and specialty papers, or food-grade papers, etc., we offer varied ranges to meet your every need. We also produce paper bags for packaging.

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Very special paper offering

Papeteries de Vizille is a historic manufacturer of paper based in the Isère region of France that works on two markets both in France and for export:

  • production of ranges of specialty papers: security or special-purpose papers, food-grade papers, book papers, printing papers, papers for luxury goods,
  • manufacture of large and medium-sized kraft bags.

Did you know? The first paper mills were set up in Vizille in the 16th century. The first modern paper machine was installed in 1824, on the site of Papeteries de Vizille. The business has grown since then, and the company was taken over by the Vicat group in 1984.  


Our facilities

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