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Much more than a simple trucking company, we provide a very wide range of multimodal transport services. We can supply your plants with raw materials, transport your transformed products, deliver your finished products, and cart away your waste.
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Transport et Logistique

We make our expertise in transport and logistics available to you through our subsidiary SATM Transport.

Our vehicles—dump trucks, tanker trucks, flat-bed trucks—and storage solutions mean we can offer global multimodal transport and logistics implant schemes.
Our market? Different industrial sectors, construction and public works, environmental activities, hydrocarbons, and foodstuffs.

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SATM's multimodal approach to transport

A leading player in transport since 1958, SATM has adopted a multimodal strategy in order to adapt to all the requirements of its industrial customers. We provide all kinds of transport:

  • Horizontal dry-bulk tankers: for the cement industry,
  • Tilting dry-bulk tankers, suitable for a range of products: binders, mineral products, repurposable materials,
  • Food-grade tankers,
  • Hydrocarbons tankers: petroleum products, industrial fuels, heating fuel,
  • Dump trucks: construction materials and minerals, combustible products, winter products, foodstuffs, repurposable products, hazardous materials and waste,
  • General goods: construction materials, semi-finished products, machines and vehicles, large loads,
  • River and sea transport, rail transport: international lines, port handling and storage.


Through this multimodal approach, SATM is able to work with all kinds of market:

  • industry,
  • construction and civil engineering,
  • cement plants, quarries, concrete batching plants,
  • hydrocarbons,
  • grain producers, arable and livestock farms,
  • chemicals and petrochemicals,
  • foodstuffs.

Logistics businesses

Our subsidiary SATM has developed complementary activities:

  • snow clearing and de-icing of roads and freeways,
  • storage and handling,
  • port activities.

SATM also exercises a workshop and supply activity:

  • maintenance center,
  • DAF Trucks repair agency,
  • service station.

Certified quality

SATM is a licensed transport contractor certified against ISO 9001:2015 for public road transportation of goods, including hazardous goods.
The company also has Qualimat certification for trucking of bulk animal feedstock.
SATM has its own safety consultant and has been approved for transporting hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

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