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Cement production

Our values

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Vicat, a family-owned, multi-local group, serves all those involved in development. In our actions and in what we build we remain faithful to the values of Louis Vicat, who unveiled the mysteries of artificial cement in 1817.

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Shared living

We are a family-owned, multi-local group and a partner for development in regions where we have sound local footing. We give preference to local employment and ensure that the environmental impact of everything we do is controlled, e.g. we use local materials, enforce a circular-economy strategy, repurpose local waste, etc. 

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Shared passion

Ever since Louis Vicat invented artificial cement, in our dealings with partners and customers, every one of us has been driven by a passion for our products and for the construction industry

Shared innovation

Through our skills and know-how we aim for excellence with respect to the performance of our materials, products, and services, together with their implementation, for the greater benefit of customers. We think ahead and innovate to keep pace with and, better still, get the jump on the technical, social, and environmental changes affecting our markets.

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Shared commitment

We nurture a spirit of service where availability, attentiveness, dialogue, and cooperation are keys to customer relations. This communication boosts efficiency and reactivity. As partners for our customers, we are committed to fostering development and value creation.

Shared progress

We are attached to our independence and we build for the long term. We capitalize on the confidence placed in us by private and public-sector partners: customers, suppliers, local representatives, teachers, scientists, etc.