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Annual general meeting


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Financial calendar
16 Nov. 2021
Capital Markets Day
15 Feb. 2022
2021 full year sales and results
13 Apr. 2022
Annual General Assembly
04 May. 2022
2022 first quarter sales
27 Jul. 2022
2022 half year results
07 Nov. 2022
2022 nine months sales

Absentee vote measures for the COVID-19 risk limitation

The Vicat Group announces today that in order to comply with the measures put in place by French government and to limit the contamination risk to COVID-19, shareholders will not be allowed to physically attend the Combined Annual General Meeting of April 3rd 2020.

As a result, shareholders are asked to vote by mail.

Please consult the corresponding news for terms.


The Annual General Meeting is an important moment in the life of the Group. It gives shareholders an opportunity to meet once per year.

Documents of use before and after each annual general meeting can be found below.

Documents to download


Voting results

All documents available before the Annual General Meeting