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Working close to the community

Working close to the community

Boubacar Toury Mandemory

Vicat is a family-run industrial concern operating internationally yet exercising strong community focus. To encourage the development of the areas where we work, we support local authorities, associations, and NGOs for concrete initiatives. What topics are close to our heart? Access to education, opening doors to culture, preventing illness and accidents, and fulfillment through sport.

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corporate foundations, in France and Senegal


4 focuses of attention: education, health, culture, and sport

Vicat support for education

When it comes to education, we support policies implemented by local governments. Our initiatives come in response to the specific needs of the population:

  • improved leaning conditions in India,
  • merit-based scholarships in Senegal,
  • hosting visits by school pupils and students to showcase Vicat businesses in France.


In France, the Louis Vicat foundation also supports a range of projects, such as the educational project of Louis Vicat vocational high school in Souillac (France).


Availability of health care for the most fragile

In our commitment to ensuring the health of all, we pay special attention to the availability of local health care, particularly in countries whose people are most fragile. In India we have founded a socio-medical center in the village of Chatrasala (State of Karnataka), near the Kalburgi cement plant, that provides remote consultations with the most highly qualified specialists. The number of consultations has increased constantly since it opened; there were 8,000 in 2018.


Vicat sponsoring culture

To open doors to culture, we have created two foundations. For example, Fondation Sococim, our foundation in Senegal, sponsors several concerts, including 'Loge des Poètes' by a Rufisque rapper it has been encouraging for several years. In France, Fondation Louis Vicat supports the Berlioz Festival in the Isère region.


Supporting sports clubs

Appreciating the values of sport, we provide support for a number of local clubs. In the Lyons region, Vicat helps the development of sport for women through longstanding solid ties with the Olympique Lyonnais women’s soccer team.

Social and environmental Information 2018
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“Through their eyes”, stepping into the world of the Vicat group

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Over the years Vicat has built up exceptional know-how in the quarrying and processing of aggregate used for all kinds of projects.



Vicat’s concrete 3D ink buoys up marine biodiversity

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Thirty-two biomimetic artificial reef modules designed jointly by Seaboost and XtreeE and 3D-printed with Vicat’s concrete ink were submerged just off the coast near the town of Agde, on the Mediterranean, on 27 and 28 May, 2019. They serve to cordon off the foreshore and provide a new habitat for local marine species.



Vicat beer: second brew using barley grown on our restored quarry land

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Our businesses, and especially our quarries, impose responsibilities with respect to biodiversity. In conjunction with other stakeholders, we do the utmost to develop local projects aimed at promoting and preserving biodiversity.