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Vicat industrie strategie béton ciment

Our strategy

Agence 85

While cement is our historical strength, we aim for controlled development of all our businesses in order to guarantee growth in France and internationally.

Consolidating our know-how

Loyal to the tradition of Louis Vicat, cement manufacturing remains our core business. By virtue of its abundance, its durability, its low cost, its ease of use, and its ability to integrate a broad range of functions, cement is the construction material of choice for the city of tomorrow.

Meeting all requirements

To secure access to cement consumption markets, we have expanded into the ready-mixed concrete and aggregate markets. We have a network around our cement plants that will meet your needs.

Developing complementary businesses

To enhance our product offering and reinforce our positions in the field, we have branched out into a number of businesses that complement our historical expertise, such as precast concrete products in Switzerland, transport, paper, and finishing products in France, and packaging in India.

Continuing our international expansion

We continue our international expansion in emerging countries to meet rising demand for construction materials as they develop. After the United States, Switzerland, India, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, and Kazakhstan, we ventured into Brazil in 2019.

Balancing risks 

Our strategy is designed to limit our exposure to risk through a combination of investment in developed countries, which generate a steadier stream of cash flow, and in emerging countries which, while offering greater potential for growth, may be exposed to stronger market or exchange-rate fluctuations.

Ensuring external growth

Our external growth policy is aimed selectively at tackling new markets with attractive growth potential and at consolidating our presence on our current markets through vertical integration. Our growth remains consistent with our size and our financial and operational capacity to absorb the investment.

Innovating to meet market demand

Our internal growth is driven by capital expenditure in innovation for expanding our range of products and enhancing their quality. We also renew our production resources regularly in order to better meet market requirements.

Annual report 2018
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