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Missions of the Foundation


"Louis Vicat marked the history of science through his discoveries. His scientific work is inseparable from his many commitments. We are the custodians of an exceptional heritage." Sophie Sidos, Chair of the Louis Vicat corporate foundation.



Created in 2017 as part of the bicentennial commemoration of the invention of artificial cement, as a form of memorialization, the Foundation carries out three main missions:

  • promotion of scientific and technical culture, in line with the work of Louis Vicat;
  • preservation and showcasing of heritage assets;
  • education and solidarity.


To be considered, projects must: 

  • be located in France
  • be backed by a not-for-profit association or entity
  • be among the missions assigned to the Foundation
  • be presented and followed up by a sponsor who is or was a Group employee and is close to the project
La gouvernance Vicat


The Foundation consists of six directors and a project manager: Sophie Sidos, chair; Pierre-Olivier Boyer, general secretary; Tony Payet, treasurer; Guy Sidos, director; Emmanuelle Salles, director; Christian Bernard, director; and Adélie Sornin, project manager.

The Foundation's decisions are made collectively. The Board of Directors meets at least twice per year to vote the budget, approve the accounts, and set the general guidelines and the initiatives to be carried out. Every year the Foundation submits a report that is vetted by the regional administrative authority.

Commitments backed by employees

The work done by the Foundation is also aligned with the Group's CSR policy. We actively encourage the involvement of our employees, particularly through volunteer work.


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Interview with Sophie Sidos

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The Louis Vicat corporate foundation was created for the bicentennial of the invention of artificial cement. Its chairwoman, Sophie Sidos, presents its work and its objectives.



Opening of Louis Vicat Building on ESTP campus

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February 2019 - The new Louis Vicat Building—named after the inventor of artificial cement—has been opened. We take a close look.


Winning partnership with the La Mache School and Foundation

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Eight employees of the Group received certificates at the official 'promotional' training-diploma award ceremony.



Louis Vicat represented at Mus'X, a new museum presenting the heritage of the Polytechnique engineering school

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For the opening of the École Polytechnique's new Mus'X museum, the Louis Vicat corporate foundation presented a bust of Louis Vicat and a Vicat needle to go on display.