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To provide you with the best possible support for even your most complex projects, we provide an engineering and quality-control service.
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centre béton


technical center

laboratoire béton


laboratory in France

Engineering and quality control

Support for the most demanding projects

Our subsidiary Sigma Béton will apply its engineering and quality-control know-how to help you design your projects. How? Through studies and testing, research and development, and competitive intelligence in concrete, cement, and aggregate.

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concrete engineering
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Christophe Pouget
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concrete quality control
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Our subsidiary Sigma Béton provides targeted technical services for works and infrastructures requiring the highest levels of reliability and durability: nuclear facilities, dams, bridges and viaducts, tunnels, etc. We can provide support for the projects of construction and civil works contractors, concrete batching plants, quarries, and project owners.

We are certified against ISO 9001 and are accredited by the French committee for accreditation, Cofrac. We have:

  • a cutting-edge technical center,
  • 15 laboratories throughout France.


Our facilities

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1 technical center
15 laboratory
Sigma Beton
  • France

Vicat's engineering expertise

Our engineering serving your projects

As experts in concrete engineering, we provide customized services, bringing our know-how to bear on the issues you are confronted with.


Our studies and tests

To help you work out the best technical solutions for your needs, imperatives, and demands, we offer studies and tests that will:

  • determine the most appropriate concrete mix designs for your projects,
  • compare the mechanical properties of two cements,
  • guarantee the conformity of the rock proposed for your riprap,
  • measure the performance of a concrete before it is used,
  • optimize the project.


Our technical competitive intelligence

Our subsidiary Sigma Béton can provide the most diligent technical competitive intelligence services:

  • permanent tracking of normative and technical changes, 
  • active involvement in many French work groups.

In this way we can assist in the development of your business by helping you plan around requirements and detect future trends and imagine new prospects.


Our research & development service

Our R&D services carries out a lot of research, working on issues in association with engineering schools and universities. Our technical resources and teams of experts can help you develop and implement practical solutions that will meet your present requirements and allow you to plan ahead for your future needs. 

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