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Every year we sell around 9.5 million cubic meters of concrete, a 'fresh' ready-to-use product that meets precise requirements.
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batching plants


batching plants

Concrete transport

10 Millions

cubic meters sold

Ready-mixed concrete

Concrete is a 'fresh', ready-to-use product

Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, gravel, water, and admixtures. Depending on the quantities of the respective raw materials and the way in which it is batched (mixed), the finished product will display different characteristics. At Vicat, we produce a wide range of ready-mixed concretes (RMC) for different applications. Their features? They meet very precise standards and requirements in terms of ease of use, aesthetics, and performance: tensile and compressive strength, durability, setting time, ease of placement and ‘workability’ under different climate and construction conditions.

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Vernon Plant
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National Ready Mix Concrete
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National Ready Mix Concrete
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Vicat batching plants close to construction projects

We produce concrete in batching plants located close to construction sites, i.e. between 20 and 30 km away. Given its setting time, concrete must be delivered to the place where it is used within no more than two hours. We also operate mobile batching plants on our customers’ sites, in accordance with their needs.

From production to delivery

Our ready-mixed concrete batching plants are equipped with:
· a storage area: silos containing cement, sand, and gravel, and storage tanks holding the various admixtures (such as plasticizers),
· a mixer for combining the required quantities of the different concrete ingredients
· mixer trucks—with rotating drums—into which the concrete is discharged for delivery to construction sites

Very precise manufacturing process

The characteristics and performance of a given concrete are dependent upon exacting criteria:
· a very precise mix design, especially with respect to water content
· a rigorously respected production cycle that complies with precise standards, especially with respect to continuous and uniform mixing.

Our concrete batching plants are automated to meet all these requirements and to ensure the reliability of the process. 


Our facilities

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