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Working with construction in the commercial building sector

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To take part in the evolutions taking place in the commercial building sector, we offer a range of very-high-performance Vicat cements whose characteristics are as diverse as they can be specific.
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Concrete silos a new landmark in Alabama

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The expertise of our American subsidiary Kirkpatrick Concrete Inc. (KCI) allowed silos to be built for Koch Foods in record time.

Meret Oppenheim High-Rise: taking to the air with sand-lime bricks

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Creabeton Matériaux provided sand-lime bricks for the interior fitout of the Meret Oppenheim Hochhaus high-rise apartment building in Basel, Switzerland.


Paving for creative spirits

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Customizing exterior paving at a student residence of the Swiss federal institute of technology in Zürich was the challenge faced by our Swiss subsidiary Creabeton Matériaux.
Patrick, Chairman Groupe Pelletier
The density of reinforcement in the concrete walls meant that right from the start we had to use self-consolidating concrete. Vicat's mix design was immediately exactly right.
Patrick, Chairman

Our solutions

The commercial-building market is going through an upheaval, and has to meet increasingly stringent functional requirements while at the same time complying with environmental standards.

In response to the new demands of commercial buildings, we have developed functionalized concretes that ensure optimum living comfort at work. We also offer special concretes with high levels of performance: high strength, reduced creep, improved durability, freeze-thaw resistance, resistance to deicing salts, etc.

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