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Concrete silos

Concrete silos a new landmark in Alabama


January 2017

The expertise of our American subsidiary Kirkpatrick Concrete Inc. (KCI) allowed silos to be built for Koch Foods in record time; they were slip-formed in just six days.

Poultry processor Koch Foods undertook major upgrades to one of its feed mills. The operation called for construction of two 73-m-tall, 21-m-diameter silos separated by a 10-m-diameter silo.

The silos were built on grout-filled hollow-flight auger piles held together by a monolithic pile cap slab.

KCI had to keep up constant and regular concrete deliveries by at least 30 trucks to meet the pouring rate of 230 m3/h throughout the night. The silos were slipformed in one continuous operation over six days.

The success of this operation relied heavily on the ability of KCI’s Central Dispatch to coordinate the trucks, the quality-control experts’ ability to adjust the mix of materials according to the large swings in temperatures that are typical in this area, and full cooperation between all the project team members and the customer.

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