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Designing the structures of tomorrow

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To build ever taller, larger, longer, and stronger structures, we innovate with Vicat solutions and their exceptional technical performance.
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Thouaré sur Loire Bridge: Vicat’s SmartUP concrete cuts weight and work time in half

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Grâce à l’utilisation du SmartUP Vicat, le chantier du grand pont de Thouaré-sur-Loire s’est déroulé en un temps record et a permis un allégement de la structure de moitié.

Millau Viaduct, a record-setting bridge

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Ouvrage d’art hors du commun, le Viaduc de Millau (Aveyron) est à ce jour le cinquième pont haubané le plus haut du monde. Explication.


Our solutions

Our Vicat very-high-performance concretes allow every technical prowess: building to the sky, to the depths, and at the largest scale, or in difficult and even extreme environments.

With our cement and concrete innovations, we are able to offer increasingly engineered solutions to meet the requirements of all kinds of works. Bridges and viaducts, underground works, bridge-deck surfacing and furniture, maritime and river works, dams, nuclear power plants: our Vicat ranges provide answers to all requirements, including the most specific imperatives. Our products comply with very stringent standards with respect to safety and environmental responsibility.

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