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viaduc de millau

Millau Viaduct, a record-setting bridge


August 2017

The Millau Viaduct, which came into service in 2004, is an outstanding structure, and the fifth-highest cable-stayed bridge in the world (deck height).  And its prestige does not end there. Explanation.

viaduc de millau

Its dimensions alone make the Millau Viaduct an exceptional technical and architectural feat. It took 14 years of preparation and 3 years of construction to bring it into existence. Our Group worked on the project through a number of subsidiaries—SATM Grands Travaux, Sigma Béton, Delta Pompage, and Condensil—whose assignments were to design, adjust, and deliver concrete.

Our people rose to the challenge of developing innovative technical solutions consistent with the scale of the project, achieving the expected performance, and ensuring the durability of the structure. SATM Grands Travaux and Sigma Béton worked with and even ahead of the customer to come up with the most suitable mix designs. 

To keep up with the pace of construction of this exceptional project, two portable batching plants were installed on the site to produce 85,000 m3 of concrete.


m long and 343 m high at the highest point above ground level


m wide deck


years to build

85 000

m3 of concrete

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