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Our applications

Commercial buildings

To take part in the evolutions taking place in the commercial building sector, we offer a range of very-high-performance Vicat cements whose characteristics are as diverse as they can be...


Individual and collective housing

With our innovative solutions for individual and collective housing, we can adapt to your every wish!


Roads and public works

Roads, cycle tracks, runways, paving, etc.: our Vicat concretes help you make the world of tomorrow.


Civil Engineering

To build ever taller, larger, longer, and stronger structures, we innovate with Vicat solutions and their exceptional technical performance.


Our expertise


Cement is our historic know-how, and we produce over 30 million tons of it every year. It is a raw material for making concrete. Vicat cement is used throughout the world for projects as varied as high-rise buildings, hydro power plants, bridges, and viad


Aggregate is a natural raw material that is indispensable for making concrete. We produce several million tons of it every year.


Every year we sell around 9.5 million cubic meters of concrete, a 'fresh' ready-to-use product that meets precise requirements.

Circular-economy offering

At all levels of the company our circular-economy strategy means we make better use of natural resources. To achieve this, we propose special services for stakeholders in construction.


To meet swelling demand in the construction industry, which is being massively encouraged to reduce its carbon impact, Vicat has developed a new low-carbon product label: DECA.

Premixed mortar

Providing a comprehensive offering, our subsidiary Vicat Produits Industriels (VPI) produces all the premixed mortars and finishing products you need for your projects.

Concrete pumping

To make concrete placement on special projects simpler, we provide concrete pumping services, for the public sector and private sector alike.

Transport and logistics

Much more than a simple trucking company, we provide a very wide range of multimodal transport services. We can supply your plants with raw materials, transport your transformed products, deliver your finished products, and cart away your waste.

3D concrete printing

Vicat is expanding the boundaries of concrete design and construction with the launch of its brand devoted to concrete 3D printing.

Precast concrete products

In addition to producing materials, we provide a wide range of reinforced or prestressed precast concrete products to meet your every need.

Concrete additives

Silica fume, the mineral additive marketed as Condensil, is vital for making durable high-performance concretes.

Constructive systems

The 'Co-Efficience Système Vicat' constructive solutions we have developed by combining our expertise or working in collaboration with industrial partners will meet your every need.

Paper and packaging

The manufacture of kraft bags and paper is an innovative technical activity in which we produce some very special ranges for a variety of markets.

Engineering and quality control

To provide you with the best possible support for even your most complex projects, we provide an engineering and quality-control service.

SATM Major works

High-speed rail lines, motorway bridges, nuclear power plants, airports: our subsidiary SATM Grands Travaux participates in the construction of major infrastuctures ('grands travaux') such as these by supplying materials—ready-mixed concrete—and providing