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Vicat is expanding the boundaries of concrete design and construction with the launch of its brand devoted to concrete 3D printing.
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1 production and R&D unit

devoted to 3D printing in Chambéry (French Alps).


2 million euros

invested in 2021.

3D concrete printing

Innovation in the blood

The Vicat group has applied its extensive technical and scientific know-how to develop the Lithosys offering in order not just to meet today’s extensive requirements but also to carry the use of concrete into uncharted territory. Its expertise covers the entire value chain of concrete 3D printing.

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3D printing for the construction industry

Lithosys provides support consistent with every project:

  • - design of objects for 3D printing
  • - design of customized concrete inks
  • - creation and installation of concrete 3D printing systems in workshops or on construction sites
  • - manufacture of printed concrete products
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Advantages of 3D printing:

  • - smaller volume of concrete used
  • - reduced carbon footprint
  • - shorter construction times and less arduous work
  • - economical method for small production runs;
  • - higher level of operator skills and greater appeal for jobs in construction
  • - better safety and ergonomics on construction sites
  • - consistent with digitalization of jobs
  • - unfettered creative freedom.
Lithosys unité production
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Unique production unit 100% devoted to concrete 3D printing

With Lithosys, Vicat is expanding its research and development work into 3D printing adapted to the specific requirements of every application of concrete. In 2021 the Group invested 2 million euros in a production and R&D unit devoted to 3D printing in Chambéry (French Alps).



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