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Louis Vicat represented at Mus'X, a new museum presenting the heritage of the Polytechnique engineering school

2 June 2018

For the opening of the École Polytechnique's new Mus'X museum, the Louis Vicat corporate foundation presented a bust of Louis Vicat and a Vicat needle to go on display.

On June 2, 2018, Mus'X, the new museum devoted entirely to displaying the École Polytechnique's heritage collection of 224 years of history and scientific discoveries was opened. The ceremony was officiated by Mrs. Darrieussecq, Secretary of State to the Ministry of Defense, Mr. Jacques Biot, Chairman of École Polytechnique, and Mr. Grégoire de Lasteyrie, Mayor of Palaiseau.

Since its creation in 1794, in addition to its own acquisitions École Polytechnique has been given items by bequeath, and now possesses a body of exhibits retracing several centuries of the history of science.

Mus'X is designed to be visited by all-comers. Its main purpose is to preserve and to reveal to the greatest number of people possible its exceptional collection of scientific instruments and to put the great scientific names who have forged the reputation of the school in the limelight. Among these men and women of science features Louis Vicat, known as the 'inventor' of artificial cement, who in 1804 was one of École Polytechnique's first students.

To mark this connection, the Louis Vicat corporate foundation presented the museum with a bust of the inventor made with SMARTUP cement and a Vicat needle, an instrument used to measure the setting time of cement.

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