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Military runway

Q-Flash concrete: material for 'stealth' projects


April 2018

On April 9 and 10, 2018, the Vouziers-Séchault air force base in north-eastern France was the scene of a training exercise for rapid runway repair using Vicat's special Q-Flash concrete. Details.

piste atterrissage militaire

The main purpose of the training exercise was to gain experience in rapid repair of damaged runways under real-life conditions. One of the key steps in the operation was designing a concrete mix enabling air force personnel to perform their assignments.

Vicat's Q-Flash fast-setting concrete was the only solution. The combination of two special binders, PromptUP and AlpenatUP, gives the concrete exceptional mechanical properties. The quick set of Vicat's PromptUP cement means the concrete made with it hardens very quickly.

Barely two hours after the end of pouring a fully loaded truck was driven across the renovated slab to prove the performance of the product.

Our team provided the customer with technical support. We will continue to work with the military on the formulation and implementation of fast-setting concretes.

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