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Vicat hydraulic binders

Vicat hydraulic binders to the rescue of the RD74 highway


January 2018

Repair of the RD74 highway north-east of Langres in eastern France involved Vicat hydraulic road binders (HRB). The HRBs confined the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) present in the soil. A close look at the project.

hydraulic binders

Over the years, high traffic levels (between 300 and 350 trucks per day) had destabilized the foundation of the RD74 highway, causing difficulties in freezing weather. The aim of rebuilding the road was to make it safer. Things were complicated when geotechnical investigations prior to the works detected concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the underlying soil.

The road was first widened to 7 m. Hydraulic road binder was the ideal solution for rebuilding a uniform stretch of road. It dispensed with having to dispose of the PAH which were confined by the Vicat binders. 1,000 tons of Vicat LV-TS 54 binder treated 45,000 m² of road that could thus be put back into service without adding sophisticated materials.

Our Xeuilley cement plant about a hundred kilometers from the jobsite was a precious advantage for our customer. We also mobilized our logistics people at SATM Transports who delivered the binders under the best possible conditions.

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