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Economical sustainable pavement


January 2017

National Ready Mixed Concrete Company (NRM), an American subsidiary of the Group, helped repair Interstate 210 in Sunland (north of Los Angeles). It supplied concrete for an economical, sustainable unreinforced pavement.

The unreinforced concrete paving laid on Interstate 210 in Sunland, north of Los Angeles, was produced by National Ready Mixed Concrete Company (NRM).

The objective of the American authorities—the Federal Highway Administration and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)—was to enhance road safety by implementing new methods for repairing roads and bridges. The use of composite pavements reflects the current trend for building economical, sustainable highways using locally available recycled materials.

Due to recognition of its expertise, NRM was among the participants chosen for placing the pavement. The unreinforced, short-slab concrete pavement comprises a 10-cm-thick top layer and a 20-cm-thick bottom lift. The bottom lift employs two separate mixes: one with reduced cement content and one with recycled concrete aggregate.

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