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Technical assessment for Défi.Thermicat: a promise of quality

18 October 2018

Our Défi.Thermicat range of insulating structural  concretes has been issued a technical assessment report (ATEC) by France's building research establishment, CSTB. Issued by CSTB's specialist committee (CCFAT), the assessment attests to the material's quality and technical features.

The energy efficiency of buildings is central among our concerns. It was with energy efficiency in mind that our employees developed the Défi.Thermicat range of thermal-insulation concretes that has been issued a technical approval report (ATEC) by France's building research establishment, Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB).

The Défi.Thermicat range is designed for external walls of all kinds of buildings. It is suitable for traditional construction methods and helps reduce heat loss. It meets the requirements of France's RT 2012 thermal-design code and the European product standard for structural concrete, EN 206/CN. A feature of the range is the abundance of shapes it makes available for the aesthetics of modern architectural projects by eliminating the need for vibration.

It took our people more than two years and more than thirty projects to enable the technical approval process to go ahead. The Défi.Thermicat process meets all the criteria of the assessment.

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