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Groupe Vicat

Roller-compacted concrete for safe roads

2 May 2019

Dust in summer, mud in winter.... Vehicles on the road to Vicat's Martres d'Artière quarry were causing problems. So the road was paved with roller-compacted concrete, a fast and effective solution.

Machines sur chantier Vicat

Trucks and quarry plant using the haul road to our Martres d'Artière quarry in central France used to kick up enormous clouds of dust in summer. And in winter they tracked clumps of mud onto the road, making it dangerous for users.

To reduce these troubles, we had a roller-compacted-concrete (RCC) haul road built. RCC is easy to place (no rebars or fibers), it uses 100% local materials, and placement requires little plant.

In just one week 300 m3 of RCC was delivered in bulk and compacted to obtain the intended result.

Béton compacté chantier
Carrière Vicat