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Interreg North West Europe - Cirmap

Recycled concrete sand: Vicat participates in the CIRMAP project

21 June 2021

Every year, 65Mt of Recycled Fine Aggregates (RFA) are generated from the crushing of Concrete Construction and Demolition Wastes. Reusing RFA for concrete is not an option because of the rigorous construction standards.

The Interreg North-West Europe Programme selected the CIRMAP project which aims to reuse the Recycled Fine Aggregates. Reusing RFA in order to manufacture Urban, Memorial of Garden (UMG) furniture, which is less demanding on the materials used, is CIRMAP’s mission.

In order to implement the process, 3D Printing would allow to manufacture customized pieces, to reduce their weigh and to produce onsite, which are usually located in limited access areas.

CIRMAP will provide a new Mixture Proportioning Method for the design of 3DP mortars and a new Design Methodology for Customized Shapes to 10 manufacturers. The European project will also develop a Master Control Demand and a network which will create a new market and a circular economy loop.

The Interreg North-West Programme fosters transnational cooperation between public and private actors in order to make Northwestern Europe a key economical actor in innovation, sustainability and cohesion.



RFA reused in 3D print products



RFA reused is the long-term objective

Download the CIRMAP poster

Project partners

  • Armines (leader)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Pompes Funèbres de l'Avesnois
  • Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
  • SAS Neo Eco Developpement
  • Université de Liège
  • Université d'Orléans
  • Heberger GmbH
  • Gemeente Almere
  • Stadt Pirmasens
  • Université de Lille
  • ENSAPL (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture et de Paysage de Lille)
  • CNRS
  • CTP (Centre Terre et Pierre)

Key information

  • Total budget : € 6.98 Million
  • EU funding : € 4,18 Million
  • Duration : 36 months (Avril 2020 – August 2023)

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