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Oyster finishing pond: fast renovation with Vicat's Prompt natural quick-setting cement

2 May 2019

The finishing pond of an oyster farm on Oléron Island was repaired with Vicat's Prompt natural quick-setting in the summer of 2018. Details of an unprecedented project.

The main objective of the project was to repair cracks in structure and surface coating of a 'finishing pond' where oysters are greened and fattened. Several operations were required:

  • Repair of holes extending through the width of the walls,
  • Cleaning and filling of gaps and hollows,
  • Sealing of leaks
  • Rejointing and sealing of wall–footing joints.

One of the key issues involved in the repair was selecting a material capable of standing up to the marine environment and the health and safety concerns of oyster farming.

Vicat's Prompt natural quick-setting cement has a number of special properties, including being food-grade, complying with standards regarding use in the sea, and perfect stability and resistance in marine environments. Its speed of set and ease of use made  it a key element for this repair work. The project was completed by two persons with 50 bags of Vicat's Prompt natural quick-setting cement.

« This job revealed the great versatility and reliability of Prompt natural quick-setting cement: it is perfectly suited for use in hot weather, in a marine environment, and with technical and health imperatives. », Anne, project manager, Prompt natural cement specification department, Vicat.

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