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Projet 3D villaprint
Christian Pottgiesser

Our partner Plurial Novilia unveils the 3D Viliaprint project

29 January 2018

In January 2019, Plurial Novilia, a subsidiary of the Action Logement group, unveiled the technical and architectural details of the Viliaprint project. Read more about this partnership under which we are to supply concrete 3D 'ink'.

The Viliaprint project in the heart of the Rema'Vert eco-neighborhood of Rheims is an experimental project combining 3D printing and precast concrete units.

Five no-step-entry houses with 2 to 4 bedrooms will be built on a linear 1000-m² site between now and 2020. Agency Costes Architectures chose to optimize the available ground space by building terraced houses. They share a single 'green' roof.

Each house has its own grounds and parking area. The walls of the living room and bedrooms will be 3D-printed using Vicat concrete while the  pantry/storeroom, bathroom, toilets, and entrance hall will be built with precast units. The two types of construction will be connected by glazing units to flood the homes with light.

The main objective of this construction project is to move from the stage of experimenting with 3D printing to a fully operational and reproducible stage. The challenge of designing a Vicat concrete ink has been addressed by the R&D team at the Louis Vicat Technical Center in L'Isle d'Abeau. We are determined to provide customized technical support to meet the requirements of our customers and partners with the greatest efficiency.

Committed to increasingly innovative and sustainable constructive solutions, we aim to be a key player in coming up with answers to technological, societal, and environmental changes in the construction industry: 3D printing is a link in this chain. 

Réalisation 3D Villaprint
Christian Pottgiesser

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