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salle louis vicat

Louis Vicat room at headquarters of SMA BTP

1 June 2018

The headquarters building of insurer Société Mutualiste d'Assurance du BTP now boasts a room named after Louis Vicat. It was presented one evening in July during an inauguration ceremony attended by Sophie Sidos, Chairwoman of the Louis Vicat Foundation, and Guy Sidos, Chairman and CEO of the Vicat group.

Salles louis vicat

The evening inauguration ceremony for the new Louis Vicat room at the SMA BTP headquarters provided an opportunity for Sophie Sidos to introduce the history of the man who unveiled the mysteries of artificial cement and the bonds and values that unite the Vicat group and SMA BTP: "Cement is the material by default of builders, and I was pleased to learn that one of the original societies at SMA BTP was founded by builders in 1859. So things have come full circle with a symbolic union of the material, the men who use it, and the associated know-how that is so vital for building our future."

The move by SMA BTP is a gesture towards greater recognition and promotion of the scientific endeavors of the inventor, which is one of the pivotal missions of the Louis Vicat corporate foundation.