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Bridge in concrete

Bridge for 'soft mobility' in Issy les Moulineaux uses Vicat's SmartUP concrete


January 2018

The 'soft-mobility' bridge comprising 70 ribbed paving slabs made with Vicat's SmartUP concrete blends perfectly into the cityscape of the new Pont d'Issy eco-neighborhood. It is testimony to the way Vicat's know-how can come up with solutions for the city of tomorrow.

The 130-m-long Issy les Moulineaux bridge comprises 70 non-slip slabs made with Vicat's SmartUP concrete. It adds vibrancy to the Pont d'Issy eco-neighborhood.

The main purpose of this project was to provide pedestrians and cyclists with a safe means of crossing rail and metro lines. The original design posed a major technological complication for the cantilevered structure: the weight of the deck.

Our people proposed Vicat's SmartUP ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) as a solution for solving the weight issue. Not only are the strength and technical properties of the concrete 5 to 6 times superior to those of conventional concretes, but use of Vicat's UHPFRC allowed the seventy large slabs (6x4 m) to be exceptionally thin (just 3 to 6 cm).

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