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Sprayed hempcrete

Sprayed hempcrete fills a place in eco-construction


January 2017

Brioude, in France’s central highlands, was the theater for the first house to be built using sprayed hempcrete. The leading role in this French first went to Vicat’s PromptUP natural quick-setting cement.

This first-of-a-kind hempcrete house in Brioude was made with a combination of hemp and Vicat’s PromptUP natural quick-setting cement. The entirely natural solution unites efficacy and performance.

The objective of the project was to insulate the house using a novel technique for spraying the hempcrete directly onto formwork. Builder ARB called in the expertise of specialist contractor Le Barbançon for the spraying operation.

Hempcrete is a biosourced solution that is particularly appreciated for its thermal, acoustic, and hygrothermal advantages. The combination of Vicat's PromptUP natural quick-setting cement and hemp has proved to be the best solution for sprayed concrete. The fast set of the cement also means the hempcrete adheres well, and thus reduces loss due to rebound.

The job involving 80 m3 of concrete was carried out exclusively with the sprayed hempcrete technique. Progress of 10 to 12 m3/day was achieved with just three siteworkers, despite high temperatures.

Our Prompt natural quick-setting cement team provided the customer with technical support and the advantages of all our know-how regarding this product and its many properties.

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