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Palais Baréty

Facelift for Palais Baréty


January 2017

Vicat PromptUP natural quick-setting cement was the obvious choice for giving decorative elements on the façade of Baréty Palace in Nice a new lease on life. It was an exemplary project.

têtes de bœuf Palais Baréty

Baréty Palace, the 19th-century home of a renowned family of the County of Nice (in the days when it was governed by counts), was listed on France’s register of historic places on April 16, 1994.

An imposing 4th-floor peripheral balcony stands out on three sides of the building. It rests on consoles in the form of ox heads, some yoked in pairs, alternating with sets of 3 modillions. Apart from the rusticated stone blocks, all the decorative stuc (plaster made to imitate stone) decoration is fawn-colored PromptUP natural quick-setting cement. The use of this cement makes an architectural break that highlights the building’s originality.

The restoration of 17 of the 1 m x 1 m ox heads and the adjacent cornice has just been completed. After detailed analysis of the elements requiring attention, a restorer specializing in 19th-century buildings of Ateliers du Paysage undertook the delicate work. Vicat’s PromptUP natural cement was the obvious choice for dealing with crazing, cracks, and holes, then reprofiling and reshaping all the elements to their original condition, and applying a patina coat to harmonize and protect them from the weather.

The restoration work obtained the 2017 Geste d’Or competition which rewards exemplary operations promoting and conserving architectural heritage.

têtes de bœuf Palais Baréty

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