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Cimenterie de Montalieu-Vercieu
Dominique Grandemange

Low-carbon trajectory: Vicat and Hynamics unveil Hynovi project

10 September 2021

Under a partnership with Hynamics, a subsidiary of energy-provider Groupe EDF that specializes in production of hydrogen, Vicat is developing an integrated solution for capturing CO2 and producing carbon-free methanol.

Hynovi was put forward under a call for proposals by the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) program. Prenotification of its participation in the program has been received from the French government, and it is currently being evaluated by the European Commission.

The Hynovi project aims to capture 40% of the CO2 emitted by Vicat’s Montalieu-Vercieu cement plant in eastern France. Carbon produced by the plant will be recovered and combined with Hynamics’ low-carbon hydrogen to produce carbon-free methanol.

The issue is of great importance: world consumption of methanol has doubled in the last ten years and will continue to grow vigorously up until 2050 to meet new needs related to transport and a low-carbon chemicals sector. Methanol, 99% of which is produced from fossil fuels, is extensively imported into France for use in industries such as transport, chemicals, and construction. It is also used as a synthetic marine fuel. As a necessary response to the urgency of climate-related measures, the Hynovi project is expected to prevent the emission of half a million tons of CO2 every year.

By installing a 330-MW electrolyzer at the cement plant in 2025, capturing CO2 from the kiln exhaust stack, and harnessing oxygen for oxycombustion, we are planning to produce more than 200,000 tons of methanol per year, i.e. a fourth of France’s total consumption. This ambitious project could subsequently be duplicated at other industrial facilities in Europe and throughout the world.

Hynovi represents an ambitious, innovative partnership between the two groups of companies that will help make our cement plants low-carbon. The coordination of both groups’ personnel in R&D, sales, legal, and marketing will result in a sound Hynamics offering and give visibility to Vicat’s net zero carbon objectives.

Hynovi press release (in French)

Alerte presse Hynovi
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