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louis vicat

Louis Vicat at university

1 October 2017

The Catholic University of Lyons (UCLy) and the Louis Vicat corporate foundation have inaugurated the Louis Vicat Meeting Hall. The event honoring Louis Vicat and his academic and scientific career was part of the celebrations surrounding the bicentennial of the discovery of the secrets of artificial cement in 1817.

When UCLy initiated its project for converting the former Saint Paul and Saint Joseph prisons into a university campus, the Vicat group decided to join its efforts and help make the project a total success. Today, the Foundation supports the University for a range of academic projects. In recognition of this assistance, the University administration decided to name its meeting hall after Louis Vicat.

mandorle en ciment naturel

The Louis Vicat Foundation also strives to safeguard and develop heritage assets made with cement, and with this in mind supported the creative work of faux bois artist Marc Colson whose mandorla made with Prompt natural quick-setting cement was gifted to the University. The sculpture depicting Saint Irenaeus, 2nd-century bishop of Lyons and patron saint and emblem of the Catholic University of Lyon, is a true technical and artistic prowess.