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Luminous Vicat SMARTUP concrete benches on Particles promenade

Front door to the CERN (European organization for nuclear research in Switzerland), the Particles promenade is now ornate with luminous Vicat SMARTUP concrete benches made by Atelier Merillon to better match the more open local town planning.

Date of the news: September 2018

The Particles promenade construction site, due to last 16 months, started out in april 2018 at CERN in Switzerland. The European organization for nuclear research intends to improve the visitor’s flow through the creation of a proper living area. This layout project highlights this new front door and puts the spotlight on concrete through the installation of luminous Vicat SMARTUP concrete benches.

Vicat SMARTUP is an innovative product with amazing properties. Atelier Mérillon chose this material for its resistance, its high durability and its unprecedented elasticity for the making of these luminous concrete benches.

The pure and slender architectural design of  this bench, in which more than 1000 light points sparkle, day and night, makes it  a unique achievement.

The original combination of light and mineral technologies is, in a way,  a reminder  of the atom smasher.