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Tichodrome, a refuge for injured wildlife

In July, Vicat, animal charity Le Tichodrome, and FRAPNA Isère, the local branch of the Rhône-Alpes Federation for Protection of Nature, signed a partnership agreement setting up a care center for wildlife in one of the Group’s oldest quarries.

Date of the news: Novembre 2011


In July the Le Tichodrome wildlife care center opened in the Alpine community of Le Gua, on the site of one of the Vicat Group’s oldest quarries. The result of a partnership between Vicat, animal charity Le Tichodrome, and FRAPNA Isère, the center for wild birds and mammals looks after distressed hedgehogs, bats, buzzards, and swifts. Injured animals are attended to by a veterinary technician who assesses the situation and gives any first-responder medical attention required, then volunteers from the association care for the animal on a daily basis, feeding it during its convalescence. Once the animal has recovered sufficiently it is released in the disused Vicat quarry in Champrond.

Since the fall of 2011 several aviaries have been built at the Tichodrome center which is funded by donations from individuals, companies, and foundations, and by subsidies from the Isère General Council, and the Municipality of Gua.

http://letichodrome.free.fr  [in French]