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  • Respect the environment : a priority


France - KEPS, simplifying construction

KEPS® is a new insulating-concrete-form (ICF) system. It makes construction easier while at the same time improving safety and enhancing living comfort. ...
France - KEPS, la construction simplifiée


France - Le béton de chanvre projeté, acteur de l'éco-construction

France - Sprayed hempcrete finds role in eco-construction

Brioude, in France’s central highlands, is the theater for the first house to be built using sprayed hempcrete. The leading role in this French first went to Vicat’s PROMPTUP natural ...

Sénégal - Réhabilitation : une ceinture verte autour de Bargny

Senegal - Restoration : green belt around Bargny

Sococim Industries is committed to restoring quarries as and when workings change place.

France - VPI : La gamme façade pensée pour le confort des professionnels

France - VPI : Façade range designed with plasterers' comfort in mind

To facilitate the choices of building professionals and to make work easier on jobsites, VPI has been innovating, and since the start of the year has been marketing three new products: ...


Vicat Values
Inheriting an industrial tradition that started in 1817 with the invention of artificial cement by Louis Vicat, the culture of the Group was founded on four core values which make it a strong force: community focus, technical expertise, shared fervor, commitment to partnership, long-term responsibility.

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