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Suisse - Paradiso®: graphite going on anthracite

  The color range of Paradiso® pavers has been complemented with an attractive ‘graphite’ hue (anthracite gray), giving outdoor improvements that extra little ‘designer’ touch. ...
Dalle Paradisio 1


Béton drainant Aquapass Visio

France - Aquapass Visio

What happens to water when it lands on Aquapass Visio concrete?

Preparatory documents for Vicat’s Combined General Meeting on 29 April 2016 now available

Vicat hereby informs its shareholders that they have been called to a Combined General Meeting at 10.00 am on Friday 29 April 2016 at the Conference Centre in the Cœur Défense tower ...

Voitures vertes

France - Tanking up on green energy

  Vicat is continuing to invest in the energy of tomorrow, one that is clean, that pollutes less. After buying two electric vehicles in June 2014, the Group fit in ...


Vicat Values
Inheriting an industrial tradition that started in 1817 with the invention of artificial cement by Louis Vicat, the culture of the Group was founded on four core values which make it a strong force: community focus, technical expertise, shared fervor, commitment to partnership, long-term responsibility.

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