France - Sport now and then in Nice

  Béton Contrôle Côte d’Azur (BCCA) is part of the consortium that provided materials and expertise for construction of the Allianz Riviera stadium in Nice, along with the National Sports Museum and a shopping mall. ...
Stade de Nice 1


Grand duc 1

France - European eagle-owl presides over Maizières quarry

A family of European eagle-owls—a species that is flourishing in the Lorraine region of eastern France—is nesting in the Maizières quarry.

St Michael's Mount 1

United Kingdom: Renovation

Inescapable: Prompt natural quick-setting cement! Nineteenth-century decoration in the priory at St Michael’s Mount is being restored in the original style using Vicat’s Prompt natural quick-setting cement. ...

Prompt restauration lion

France - Vicat’s Prompt quick-setting cement: between past and future

The Vicat cement division has renovated the façade of an 1881 building in the center of the French city of Saint Étienne, on Rue Camille Colard, between Rue Général Foy ...


Vicat Values
Inheriting an industrial tradition that started in 1817 with the invention of artificial cement by Louis Vicat, the culture of the Group was founded on four core values which make it a strong force: community focus, technical expertise, shared fervor, commitment to partnership, long-term responsibility.

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