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  • Create to innovate
  • Cement, concrete, aggregates
  • Respect the environment : a priority

Innovative, environmentally friendly, and easy to use products

The Vicat Group's Research and Development activities aim to anticipate and respond to the demands of clients for high-performance products that are easy to use and environmentally sensitive. 

Attaining a higher degree of performance and quality has always been a key driver for Vicat; we seek to offer innovative products that are consistently easy to use, despite constraints faced by construction sites.  


Closely linked to performance and ease of use is respect for the environment. Vicat's R&D teams are charged with developing ways to limit the carbon footprint of its existing products by reducing greenhouse gas emissions during the production stage, reducing energy consumption, using renewable energies and optimizing the value of what would otherwise be waste. 



The R&D team's mandate also calls for designing new sustainable products with minimal impact on the environment, from the design stage through the manufacturing process. 

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