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Press room

Journalists who wish to learn more about the Vicat Group can access press releases, business reports, photos and more in this section.


Press contact:

For all other press requests, please contact our media representatives:

Camille Penven camille.penven@tbwa-corporate.com  (+33 149 09 25 57)

Tiffany Allenet  tiffany.allenet@tbwa-corporate.com  (+33 437 47 36 26)

6 cours André Philip 69100 Villeurbanne/ France

Press releases

Company press releases and financial announcements.

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Find a schedule of the Group's major meetings, including press events, publication of financial results and the General Meeting.

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Mini-séries presse

Retrouvez ici l'ensemble des mini-séries presse sur des chantiers réalisés par le groupe Vicat...

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Non-copyrighted photos (royalty free)

Images of the Group's facilities, products and major events.

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