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The Company has chosen the AMF's guidelines published in 2007 as the basis of its framework for internal controls. The guide was used to define internal controls as the mechanisms that would ensure:  

  • compliance with laws and regulations;
  • application and implementation of instructions and orientations fixed by Executive Management;
  • smooth and efficient functioning of the Company's internal processes, particularly those contributing towards the safeguarding of assets;
  • reliability of financial information.

The President's report on corporate governance and internal controls as well as the auditors' report on the President's report are annexed to the reference document. They describe internal control mechanisms established by the Company and the Group.

The Group pays particular attention to questions relating to internal controls and sustainable development in those countries where it operates. 

With respect to internal controls, therefore, the Group has established procedures in each of its operating subsidiaries to take into account the specific characteristics of the markets in which the Group is present.  These procedures are periodically examined and assessed by the auditors of the Group's various companies. 

Moreover, financial controllers are seconded by the Group's executive management in each of the operating subsidiaries to reinforce the financial information system and to enable officers of the Group to control operations. 

Today, the Group relies on these procedures to ensure that anti-corruption control levels are deemed satisfactory. 

In line with sustainable development, this issue is regularly examined by Executive Management and where pertinent, relayed to the executives of operating subsidiaries. 

Over the years, the Group has developed a policy integrating key issues such as respect for the environment and sustainable development, both in terms of the Group's investments and the operations of its industrial sites.

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