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Low-Vibration Track system conquering the world

When it comes to installing Low-Vibration Track tie blocks, Vigier Rail is on the mark, and is thus working on a new line being built for the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia and the Marmaray rail tunnel in Turkey.

Date of the news: Novembre 2011


The city of Sotchi, in Russia, is to host the 2014 winter Olympics. Vigier Rail is providing its expertise in environmentally friendly transport systems by installing Low-Vibration Track (LVT) tie blocks on the new rail track to the city. For this massive project a new facility for producing ballastless track units under LVT license to Vigier Rail has been opened in Russia. It includes an immediate-strip casting machine.

In Istanbul, in Turkey, 80,000 tie blocks will be produced for the construction of a 12-km long section of dual-track railroad in the Marmaray tunnel. Here too, Vigier Rail is providing an immediate-strip casting machine. The tunnel connecting the two sides of the Bosphorus is scheduled to open in 2013.