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‘Innovations in Housing’ contest : bronze medal for Vicat

Vicat and homebuilder Maisons d’en France Lorraine Sud entered the 2012 ‘Innovations in Housing’ contest sponsored by the French homebuilders’ union (Union des Maisons Françaises - UMF) and came away with the bronze medal in the Urban Renewal category.

Date of the news: Février 2012


The partnership aimed to promote a construction system based on a fluid concrete pumped into story-high expanded-polystyrene permanent forms. There are several advantages to this system: time savings on formwork assembly, lighter weight, reduced transport costs, and fewer workers required on site.

The awards ceremony on November 26, 2011, was attended by close to 500 industry professionals. This excellent turn-out highlights the new priorities of a socially responsible profession that is aware of the major new urbanistic and environmental challenges it is facing.