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France : Voiles de grande hauteur à Roubaix

When it came to building 17-m-high walls in Roubaix, contractor Sogéa knocked on BGIE’s door. It is an uncommon project using self-consolidating concrete from the Marquette-lez-Lille batching plant.

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The city of Roubaix has appointed Dalkia, a Véolia-group company, to renovate its district-heating system which heats 11,000 homes and 43 public facilities on a 19-kilometer network. The contractor in charge of the structural work is Sogéa Caroni of the Vinci group. Under the terms of the contract a new 20-MW biomass boilerhouse is being built. A feature of the project, which is using 3,000 cubic meters of ready-mixed concrete, is the very tall reinforced concrete walls. BGIE (Béton Granulats Île-de-France Est) was chosen to supply the concrete which has to attain a strength of 10 MPa in just 18 hours.