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France : Grand Carré Jaude

Vicat’s cement division is supplying cement for the largest city-center construction project in France, the ‘Grand Carré Jaude’ right in the heart of downtown Clermont-Ferrand.

Date of the news: September 2011
Le chantier du Grand Carré Jaude

The construction site of the Grand Carré Jaude

The project carried out by construction contractor Eiffage, in charge of building a property development on a site of close to one hectare (2 acres), and VIPP, in charge of the special foundations required, got under way at the end of 2010. Vicat was the obvious choice for supplying cement for several reasons. The business-development people of the Vicat cement division are organizing the intense rate of deliveries, and are helped in this by SATM Transports and the Créchy cement plant. A grand total of close to 40,000 tons of cement will have been injected into the Clermont subsoil in just 8 months. VIPP and Eiffage have applauded the reliability and quality of Vicat’s deliveries. The Vicat Group’s various businesses will also be able to demonstrate their synergies, for the ‘building’ part of the operation will involve subsidiary Béton et Granulats du Centre. Close to 50,000 m3 of concrete will be placed above the special foundations to build the Grand Carré Jaude complex.