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The covered trench of Ours-Mons (Le Puy-en-Velay)

The covered trench of Ours-Mons is one of the major road structures among the dozen of kilometers of the works for the alternative route around Puy-en-Velay.

Measuring 150m, it will cover under two spans the lanes linking the villages of Ours and Mons, thereby protecting the inhabitants of this residential area from the noise and sight of the traffic.

Date of the news: Janvier 2018

Started in april 2011, the works had to stop due to landslides in 2012 and began again with increased security measures.

A so-called Parisian/Lutetian temporary wall was built to maintain the sides of the trench during the works. This solution consists in vertical concrete poles through which ground anchors are set thanks to the delivery of 1100m3 of VICAT concrete to company Soletanche Bachy Pieux.

Beforehand, VICAT technical and commercial teams were called upon, to formulate a hot concrete suitable for the winter period of the works as well as for a DEFI HP G+S concrete used on that area, where all aggregates are by command necessarily made from local 100% crushed massive basalt rocks.

Carried out by Bouygues TPRF, the works also recruited Sigma Beton teams, lead by Fabien Poncet, for the rigorous follow-up of all pourings, as well as Delta Pompage, for the pumping of the works. 

The works in brief  :

  • Building : Bouygues TPRF
  • Contracting authority : DREAL Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • VICAT activities implied : BETON VICAT, Delta Pompage and Sigma Beton
  • 7500m3 concrete, among which 600m3 hot concrete
  • 1100m3 of C30/37 XA1 D3S4 
  • 2 concrete plants implied