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Terrexcellia, an innovative alternative to topsoil

On a global scale, fertile soils loose every 5 years a surface equivalent to the size of France. Vicat group aggregate sector has elaborated a fertile and living soil, named Terrexcellia, as a substitute for farmland topsoil, a non-renewable resource.

Date of the news: September 2018

Living and fertile soil, Terrexcellia is a substitute soil to topsoil from farmlands. It is made of a mixture of mineral materials (unsold materials from quarries, inert materials from construction industry…) and organic materials.

The technical process elaborated by Granulats Vicat is part of the eco-valorization approach of the Group. It was developed together with Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture Rhône-Alpes (ISARA).

Its formulation and granulometry can be adapted to customer’s needs. Culture-ready, Terrexcellia is designed for various uses such as greenspaces, farmlands, and quarries conversion. To ensure its quality, a traceability process is currently under development, particularly through raw materials characterization and the use of bio-indicators of soils quality, in collaboration with INRA’s Agro ecology UMR in Dijon. 

Terrexcellia is a 100% natural product !