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Official opening of the Louis Vicat pavilion on Cachan ESTP Campus

February 2019 – Paris Cachan ESTP Campus now has a pavilion named after Louis Vicat.  The name of this new building was revealed during the official opening evening, in the presence of M. Jacques Merceron-Vicat, honour president of Vicat group and former ESTP-TP62, and M. Guy Sidos, CEO of Vicat group. Louis Vicat Foundation, presided by Mrs Sophie Sidos, was also associated to this event.

Date of the news: Février 2019

This new teaching and research building will enable students to be trained to concrete building industry jobs. Through lessons and workshops given in the brand new concrete laboratories, young engineers will acquire advance expertise in new concrete properties control and their applications. This 3470 m² pavilion comes within the scope of the school updating project to train the new engineers to building art evolutions.

Vicat group, historical partner of ESTP

ESTP Paris, major projects school, is the reference school that trains in France the highest rate of executives in the building and living environment industry. Vicat group assists ESTP since many years as part of educational programs and research on concrete.

“It is important that our business sector, construction industry in broad sense, multiplies contacts and links with all the technologies and knowledge that flow into the modern world. It starts at school, and this is one of its assets.  This comes out as the capacity for freshly graduated students of ESTP to be employed in various jobs beyond the construction industry. We can be happy about that, as it is a confirmation of the universal dimension of the skills we cultivate in our activity sector.” Jacques Merceron-Vicat, Honour president of Vicat Group.