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India - Two health initiatives in villages

Vicat Sagar Cement has set up a medical center and camp to improve the living conditions of company employees and local villagers.

Date of the news: Novembre 2012


Two years after starting investigations into the development of health initiatives, Vicat Sagar Cement has set up two concrete projects. First off, a medical center in the village of Chatrasala open to all the employees of the Group and also the inhabitants of the villages of Chatrasala and Kherchkhed. Patients are given a thorough check-up and all the medication they require, totally free of charge since Vicat Sagar Cement covers the costs. In addition, a female doctor consults every Wednesday, answering women’s questions and giving advice to improve health generally.

The second initiative is a free medical camp. The personnel are renowned specialists who organize theme-based consultations on cardiology, ophthalmology, dental care, etc. The first consultation was the Chatrasala Camp on July 20, 2011, where participants were given a thorough health check-up and the opportunity to screen for HIV. The second consultation, in Chatrasala on July 18 this year, benefited from the support of Global Hospitals Hyderabad. Two doctors and a team of six nurses, assisted by ten Vicat Sagar Cement volunteers, examined 275 people. Vicat Sagar Cement is to organize further tests for some patients at the hospital in Hyderabad to ensure that they get the best possible treatment.