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« French origin certification » for Vicat concrete.

On july 12, 2018, Vicat Concrete obtained the « French Origin Certification », which testify of a “made in France” production, a certification  awarded for a 3-year period, by the association Pro France, founded by its chairman, M. Yves Jégo.

Date of the news: July 2018

Vicat Concrete obtained the label « French Origin Certification”, which was awarded by Pro France on Vicat sitein  L’Isle d’Abeau on July, 12, 2018. This certification aims to give customers a clear and controlled information about the French origin of the products and to valorize companies producing in France.

The acquisition of this label is based on two criteria :

  • between 50 and 100% of the cost price must be of French origin
  • the product’s main characteristics must be French

As Vicat concrete activity matches these various criteria , the whole group concretes are now certified for 3 years (renewable). The acquisition of the French Origin  Certification is part of the territorial anchorage of Vicat group, and its will to valorize local materials, while continuing its international development.