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France - Sprayed hempcrete finds role in eco-construction

Brioude, in France’s central highlands, is the theater for the first house to be built using sprayed hempcrete. The leading role in this French first went to Vicat’s PROMPTUP natural quick-setting cement. 

Date of the news: Juin 2017

This first-of-a-kind is a promising initiative that combines efficacy performance, and natural solutions, thanks to PROMPTUP natural quick-setting cement. Hempcrete, a combination of PROMPTUP cement and hemp aggregate, is usually used for cast construction using wall forms, as blocks, or as precast panels for insulating purposes (on floors, walls, and roofs). 

To spray the mix, the builders with contractor ARB called in the expertise of company Le Barbançon for the first-ever application of hempcrete sprayed directly onto structural walls.
The 80-m3 project carried out at a temperature of 33°C produced walls  40 cm thick. Using the Combiné du Maçon spraying machine achieved an application rate of 10 to 12 m3/day with just three siteworkers. 

Biosourced solutions are particularly appreciated for what they contribute in terms of thermal and acoustic comfort and building ‘breathability’.


“The combination of PROMPTUP natural quick-setting cement and hemp has been tested on several projects, and has been proven to be the best solution for sprayed concrete, even in extreme weather”, says sales engineer with the Vicat cement division. PROMPTUP not only provides better bonding with the wall, and thus reduces rebound, because of its quick-setting quality, but it also guarantees a biosourced solution.